Sleep-conducive decorations for a nursery August 16, 2018 by SunFamily

Creating a comfortable environment for your infant’s nursery is vital to helping encourage them to sleep well. There are many different ways you can create a great sleeping environment. Utilizing sleep-conducive decorations into your nursery will create a sleep friendly place for your infant.

Blackout Curtains

Bright lights make it nearly impossible for anybody, including your infant, to fall asleep. Your body reacts to the bright lights instinctively. It tries to stay alert when there are bright lights because it is most active during the day. However, your infant will often need to take naps during the day, when the sun is bright.

Blackout curtains are designed to completely eliminate all sunlight from coming into the room. These curtains are dark and designed with light absorbent material. They can be purchased at a wide variety of child care and home decoration stores.

Hang these from your windows while your child is napping to help eliminate sunlight. A completely dark sleeping environment will help eliminate distracting rays of sunlight from entering the room. Lift the curtains after the child is done sleeping to create a bright, sunlit room.

Floor Coverings

Many parents don’t realize the importance of proper floor coverings. Bare concrete or hardwood floors echo the sounds of a room, causing more noise that can distract your child. Your footsteps will be louder and more noticeable as well. This can cause fitful, difficult sleeping as child may even hear its own breathing echoed and get afraid.

Put down thick, padded carpets to help absorb much of this excessive noise. Use area rugs instead of carpeting the whole room to avoid creating allergens that can bother your child. The sound of your child breathing or moving in its bed will no longer be amplified by the hard floor.

You can also open the door more quietly and come in to check on the baby without running the risk of waking it up. This leads to a more contently sleeping baby and happier parents.

White Noise Generators

Some parents may find their child is skittish and prone to waking up at slight noises. Or the parents live in an area that has a lot of noise occurring outside, such as living downtown in a large city. This can lead to poor sleeping patterns for both the infant and the parent.

However, white noise generators are useful decorations that can help block out these sounds. White noise generators are simple, small machines that can fit on a counter next to the crib. Each comes with a wide range of white noise, ranging from waves crashing, wind blowing to static.

The white noise will eventually become background noise to the child as it blocks out all other noises in the other rooms of the house or outside. A portable fan can also be used for the same purpose. Avoid blowing the fan directly at your infant.

These and other decoration ideas help keep your infant sleeping better ever night. Check them out today.

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