Does conceiving a baby come naturally? June 28, 2018 by SunFamily

Plenty of couples decide that they want to have a baby, and expect it to happen just like that. If you would be happy to get pregnant, but are not in a hurry, it is likely that you will need no more than an active marital life. But those couples who would like to get pregnant as soon as possible can take many important steps to boost their fertility and encourage a healthy pregnancy once they do conceive.Make your health a priorityTaking a critical look at your health and lifestyle before you start trying for a baby is a wise idea. Do you eat a nutritious diet, or do you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that should be addressed? Those who are uncertain can get their blood tested before taking the leap to try for a baby, and all women who are trying to conceive should take a folic acid supplement to promote fertility and encourage fetal health. You should also examine whether your weight is healthy, and eliminate any harmful lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking alcohol. And remember, men are just important when it comes to making a baby. So your spouse is wise to put his health under the microscope too.

When do you ovulate?

The female fertility window is very short. Once your egg is released during ovulation, you have about 24 hours to get pregnant. The five days before ovulation offer an opportunity as well, because sperm can survive for some time inside the female body. Those couples who know when to expect ovulation are much more likely to get pregnant faster. You can accomplish this by using an ovulation calendar, or charting your fertility using a fertility service like Fertility Friend. Ovulation tests work by detecting a hormone that only appears when you are fertile, so they are also very reliable tools.

What if you are not pregnant after a while?

Medical experts advise women to seek medical help if they are not pregnant after two years, when they are under 35, and after a year if they are older. If you have any cause for concern, you can always go for a general checkup to find out more. Most couples who are healthy get pregnant within a year, with around half of them expecting a baby after four months of trying. Those who have been trying to conceive for longer should look at their general health and whether they are having intercourse at the right time of the month first, and then ask a doctor for help. Are you looking for more information on how to get pregnant? At trying to conceive, you will find a wealth of information about fertility, fertility treatment, and pregnancy. Their free ovulation calendar can help you pinpoint your most fertile days

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