Dating tips for single parents June 16, 2018 by SunFamily

Single parents who want to start dating again face more than the usual challenges. Despite the worry over personal issues such as looks, career and personality, there are the added worries of how a new partner will fit into yours and your child’s life. How do you explain the dating world to a child and when should you introduce your date to your child? These questions all need to be carefully considered to keep everybody happy.

Finding time to date

The life of a single parent is never filled with a lot of spare time, so finding time to date may be one of the main problems with your love life. Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the kids and all the responsibility that comes along with them, make sure that you take the time to pursue other things.

On dating websites UK singles can meet and chat with each other from the comfort of their own home. Once you’ve put the kids to bed you can go online and start meeting new people.

Take an evening off a week, find a baby sitter and head out on a date. This might seem scary at first – the constant thought of the children, what they are doing and if they are all right, is bound to take hold. But relax and enjoy yourself. Finding love needs some investment of your time too.

Explaining the dating world

The fact that you are a single parent may be hard enough for a child to understand but when new “friends” start showing up in mummy or daddy’s life it can be confusing. Explaining what the dating world is and how it works is a subject that many find hard to broach. When you first start dating you never know if it will work out or not, so it’s perhaps best to keep your dating life and family life separate at first.

If you live in a big city it may be easier to find some distance between home and where you go out. For single parents dating Edinburgh and Manchester have many cafes and bars to spend an hour in with your date. Take advantage of romantic settings that are slightly removed from the humdrum of your everyday life.

Dealing with jealousy

So you’ve met a special someone and introduced him or her to your children. Everyone is getting along and dating again is a joy. But then there is the awkward situation of your new partner meeting your old one and the issues of jealousy that might occur. It’s difficult when your ex moves on, especially before you do. If children are involved it could be harder as your ex might find it difficult for someone else to be spending time with their children.

Approach this situation with honesty. Once you have a new relationship that you think is going to last be open about it. It may be hard to find out about your ex partner’s new relationship through something your child says. But often this is the way and it puts the ex in a difficult position.

So call them up, sit them down and tell them straight that you have found someone new. It may take time for them to adjust; they may throw accusations at you and make it difficult. But the sooner you tell them the sooner they will hopefully accept it and you can all move on.

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